Waste & Recycling

Product Information

Providing property insurance for the waste and recycling industry in the UK has proved difficult in recent years, with many composite insurers pulling out of this sector altogether.

Most active insurers operate in the London market and have limited distribution to regional brokers, leaving it difficult to ascertain whether the best deals are available to your clients.

Lonmar’s London Market Risks team has specialised in placing and structuring programmes for quality waste and recycling clients for many years and has access to a wide range of markets actively looking for business in this trade sector.


  • Access to our experience and expertise in this sector:
    - Widest London market access.
    - Secure and approved 'A Rated' markets.
  • Exclusive quotes:
    - Risk management support and surveys.
  • Ability to quote for liability and fleet aspects.

We Place Cover For:

  • Material damage, business interruption, and engineering for quality waste and recycling trades/businesses.
  • Access to several markets.
  • Metal waste, builders waste, and scrap vehicles.

That will:

  • Provide risk management advice to improve risks and reduce claims exposures.
  • Cover property owners' risks, including an element of waste and recycling within the portfolio.
  • Include quality general waste and recycling risks.

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