Accountants insurance, professional indemnity


LONMAR Professions have specialised in the placement of UK Accountants’ PI business for over 30 years and we are proud to be able to include many of the UK’s Top 50 firms within our client list.

We also act for numerous smaller firms and provide the same level of personal service to all of our clients regardless of size.

Our extensive knowledge of the accounting profession and its particular risks has enabled us to become the industry leader in this profession.

In view of the level of information we have in our possession and the experience we have in this area we are able to analyse a risk and set target terms for a placement. We have always achieved our target terms and in many cases have made significant improvements.

We would be delighted to undertake a conceptual review of your existing programme and can do this on receipt of the information that you provided to the incumbent broker at your previous renewal.

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