Fund Managers, Private Equity & Venture Capital Companies

Fund Managers

The explosive growth over the last decade in the funds management industry is well chronicled in the media. A dramatic expansion in funds under management has occurred in both retirement savings and discretionary investment funds.

The investment industry, in response to the demands of increasingly more sophisticated clients and an uncertain economy, is facing unprecedented challenges. As investors look for higher returns and greater portfolio diversification, the industry is continuing to experience unprecedented growth. In order to remain competitive the industry is developing more innovative products. In addition to market demands, additional pressures are created by changing regulations. Now, more than ever, investment managers are in need of specialised insurance cover.

We have an in-depth understanding of the needs of asset management firms. Our clients include long only, hedge fund, and private equity managers, together with family offices and portfolio management specialists. We understand the risks they face from the actions of clients, investors, shareholders, regulators, employees and other third parties.

We have extensive experience of handling claims in these classes of business and, unusually for a London Market broker, our claims and placing teams are situated in the same location and work closely together.

Private Equity & Venture Capital Companies

With the increased litigation surrounding investment decisions and with Institutional Investors requiring greater risk management, even insisting that Professional Indemnity is purchased before they will consider investment, the need for Professional Indemnity in this sector has never been more necessary.

At LONMAR Professions, our team of experienced individuals are here to assist you in providing a tailored product to meet your challenging insurance needs. We are able to provide tailored products that will meet the needs of Private Equity Firms and providing assistance should you need to activate the policy. Our in-house claims teams ensures greater efficiency and will assist our insureds in seeing any claims through to their conclusion, should you ever be in the position where the need arises.

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