Fine Art, Jewellers Block and Specie

Trading under our LONMART brand, we have a highly experienced team providing tailored insurance solutions for clients worldwide.

We deal with the following industries:

  • Diamonds and Jewellery
  • Precious Metals and Cash
  • Fine Art and Collectibles

Being a London based independent broker we have access to Lloyd’s of London, the London Companies Market and all of the international markets, meaning that we can offer virtually unlimited capacity at competitive and flexible terms with tailored insurance products for both static risks and whilst in transit risks.

We are able to place large facultative risks, allow our clients access to our LONMART Binding Authorities or place specific Binders for clients that control a portfolio in any given country.

We welcome all enquiries however large, challenging or complex. To find out more go to

Our product solutions include:

  • Fine Art ‘All Risks’ and Liabilities
  • General Specie and Jewellers Block

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For information request, please call us on 020 7204 3600 or send us an email with your enquiry

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